The simplest way to start mining crypto.

Greenboard Bitcoin Mining

The GreenBoard™ Program allows you to participate in a highly profitable bitcoin mining operation immediately.

Bitcoin (BTC)

$ 21,024.00

GreenBoard™ Pays you to help the environment!

Get exposure to bitcoin mining without the wait.

MiningStore’s GreenBoard™ Program eliminates time and cost barriers to the Bitcoin mining industry. We make the process simple

All you need is a Bitcoin wallet.

That’s it. Once you purchase your GreenBoard™, we’ll handle the rest. If you need a  Bitcoin Wallet Click Here

An elegantly simple process

GreenBoard™ is powered by Miningstore technologies

$ 6000000
Assets Under Management
Mining Deployments
20 +
Years of I.T. Experience

GreenBoard™ pays you to help the environment.

The only thing better than helping the environment is getting paid to do it. By using renewable energy, GreenBoards™ help eliminate spikes in power demand and in turn help energy producers function more efficiently,! We support the local regional electric co-op and play a part in reducing the surrounding community’s overall power rates. for the surrounding community.

Choose your plan

Your GreenBoard™ will begin mining Bitcoin within 24 hours


  • 1 - S19 Bitcoin Miner
  • 95 Terahash
  • $104/m to Operate
  • 4.5 cents per KWH


  • 2 - S19 Bitcoin Miners
  • 190 Terahash
  • $208/m to Operate
  • 4.5 cents per KWH


  • 3 - S19 Bitcoin Miners
  • 285 Terahash
  • $312/m to Operate
  • 4.5 cents per KWH