Your Greenboard will begin mining within 24 hours

$14,506one time fee
  • 3 - GreenBoards™
  • 93 Th

  • Bitcoin Miner

  • Cost to run $174.36

$29,012one time fee
  • 6 - GreenBoards™
  • 186Th

  • Bitcoin Miner

  • Cost to run $348.72

$43,518one time fee
  • 9 - GreenBoards™
  • 279 Th
  • Bitcoin Miner

  • Cost to run $523.08

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Common Questions

What do I get when I purchase a Green-Board™ Package?

You are purchasing one or more ASIC miners that are ready to be assigned to your bitcoin wallet within 24 hours. These miners are already running at our facility which eliminates the manufacturing and shipping time that can sometimes take up to 6 months. This machine will operate at our facility for a minimum term of one year.

How often will you deposit my earnings?

Depending on the number of GreenBoard™ you purchase, you may see bitcoin deposited into your wallet between 48 – 92 hours. The more GreenBoards™ you own, the more often you will be paid out.

How do I set up a wallet?

Free bitcoin wallets are available for all major operating systems and devices to serve a variety of your need. Click here for wallet resources

How will I know when I earn bitcoin?

GreenBoard™ payout notifications are sent to you through text messages. You will be notified via text each time you earn a payout or if your machine goes down for maintenance.

Where can I see the details of my earnings?

Each user will be granted access to their GreenBoard™ by text automation. This will send all the stats of your mining performance including your miners efficiency, uptime, and revenue.

Why is MiningStore great at mining bitcoin?

We’ve been mining bitcoin since 2013 and believe bitcoin mining should be accessible to everyone. This is the reason we’ve created programs with low barriers to entry and directly aligned incentives that create a true win-win scenario.

What if my machine needs to be repaired?

If your machine is not hashing to it’s full potential, we will have one of our technicians diagnose the problem and provide you with a solution within 24 hours. Your fees will cover a 15-minute initial diagnosis of your machine and provide you with a write-up of the solution.

I just checked the website yesterday and the price has changed dramatically. Why is this the case?

The price of the mining hardware is directly related to the volatility of the overall Bitcoin price and mining difficulty. So if Bitcoin price is rising, then the cost of the mining hardware will rise in parallel. This is in an inherent risk in the Bitcoin mining industry as there is no way to predict hardware resale value or replacement part costs.

What happens at the end of my contract term?

After your one year contract you have the following options:

  1. We can continue to operate the miner for you at the new At Cost Power
  2. We can assist in selling your machine at the current market price
  3. You can request to have the machine shipped to the address of your choosing and pay any shipping costs.

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