8 GPU Rack Mountable Barebone Kit


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Don’t worry about the hassle of sourcing and configuring all of the parts needed to build an etherum or zcash mining rig. Our barebone kits provide all of the necessary components installed and tested allowing your ethereum miner to run cool and without problems.These rack-mountable cases are great for home or datacenter use. Can be used with 8 full-size cards and are guaranteed to keep your cards operating at ideal temperatures. Simply add your own graphics cards and you are ready to start earning cryptocurrency.


– Motherboard which supports up to 8 GPU’s

– Power Supply / Power Supplies with support for 8 GPU’s 1300 watt minimum

– 8 GPU Risers installed

– 1 CPU

– 4gb of Ram

– 16gb USB

– Custom Linux Bios

– 3 150+ CFM fans to ensure graphic cards remain operating at an ideal temperature.

– Installation Videos on how to properly install your graphics cards and troubleshoot your rig.

– Phone Support


– Standard 4U 19″ rack mount chassis compatible with almost all cabs/datacenters

– The case supports ATX motherboards.

– Double PSU mount with clearance for long power supplies.

– Bracket for mounting 8 USB PCI-E risers to hold longer video cards

– Supports 3x120mm fans w/ clearance for 200+cfm server grade fans (1.5” thick fans


Additional information

Weight 1040 oz
Power Supply Size

Dual Full-Modular 80 PLUS TITANIUM Certified 1500 Watt, Dual 750W 80 PLUS GOLD Certified PSU


Pentium CPU


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