Silver Node


With a MiningStore NODE, you own the hardware. With “Cloud Mining,” you purchase mining processing power on hardware that is owned by the cloud mining provider.

At the end of a cloud mining contract period (which commonly last one to two years) you have no right to the mining equipment you used while cloud mining.  With a MiningStore node, however, you own the mining hardware (also known as a Graphic Processing Unit or GPU).

With a MiningStore NODE, you own a tangible asset/GPU. This gives you extra flexibility and control that cloud mining does not offer.  For example, you can run your Miningstore NODE hardware for as many years as you want or move it anywhere you want.



Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are supported by a network of miners.  Miners get rewarded with a stream of passive income when they use their computers to help process cryptocurrency transactions on the network.

With a Miningstore NODE, you can own and run a specialized mining computer WITHOUT the hassle of management, maintenance, or having to learn all the technical details.

Miningstore NODEs are a low-cost way to start mining. They are also easy to scale if you want to increase your mining operation in the future.

With a NODE, you also have access to Miningstore experts who will help guide and support you as you develop your new stream of passive income.



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